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How Can Businesses Establish SAP Security?

It’s clear that businesses can experience great losses due to vulnerability to cyber threats. And about 84% of cybersecurity leaders have identified employee error as the leading cause of cyberattacks. Additionally, nearly 74% of businesses have experienced security issues because their own workers violated rules.


SecurityBridge finds Vulnerability in SAP Transport System

Supply chain attacks are a new type of threat that targets software development departments and vendors. SecurityBridge has now identified a methodology that allows internal attackers without privileged rights to intervene undetected in the SAP soft-ware distribution process.


Log4j – Newsticker

Stay tuned and read regular updates on the Log4j zero day vulnerability – how it can affect your SAP systems, and what you can do to protect your IT infrastructure


CVE-2021-44228 Log4j 2 exploitation in SAP Systems

The Log4j is a Java-based logging audit framework within Apache. Apache Log4j2 2.14.1 and below are susceptible to a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to take full control of a targeted machine.

SAP security roadmap

The road to our new feature Security Roadmap

Over the past months, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to customers and prospects to better understand their requirements, challenges and motivations. In these conversations, one question has been frequently asked: “What’s the best way to move forward in SAP security after the initial security analysis?”

defend sap ransomware attacks

Defend against Ransomware attacks on SAP systems

Ransomware is the bugbear of IT security departments these days. SAP has only been affected to a limited extent so far, but it can certainly be abused as a gateway. SAP applications therefore need holistic protection, recommends SecurityBridge, provider of cybersecurity for SAP applications.


SAP Secure Operations Map

The SAP Secure Operations Map is part of the security recommendations published by SAP and has been revised several times over the years. While this is well known to SAP security experts, much fewer people in Information Security are familiar with it.

bright talk

Next-Gen Application Security for SAP

Join roundtable delegates who will discuss the challenges, solutions, and their experiences in simplifying security and combining it across the network and the SAP application, to introduce a shift in paradigm for SAP customers.