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SAP Security Dashboard

Flexible, simple, real-time

Introducing the SAP Security Dashboard, a powerful feature of the SecurityBridge Platform commercial cybersecurity software. The Management Dashboard allows customers to create custom security dashboards tailored to their specific needs. With a library of predefined graphs and indicators, customers can easily design and define new dashboards from scratch or simply use the out-of-the-box versions.

The SAP Security Dashboard provides real-time visibility into your organization’s security posture, allowing you to quickly identify and respond to potential threats. With the ability to create multiple individual dashboards, you can easily monitor different areas of your organization’s security and quickly spot any potential issues.

Any organization looking to strengthen its cybersecurity posture must have the SAP Security Dashboard. It makes it simple to stay on top of your organization’s security and react quickly to any potential threats thanks to its powerful features and user-friendly interface. Try it out on your own to see the impact it can have on your business.

Key features

  • Powerful feature of the SecurityBridge Platform commercial cybersecurity software
  • Allows customers to create custom security dashboards tailored to their specific needs
  • Library of predefined graphs and indicators
  • Provides real-time visibility into your organization’s security posture
  • Ability to create multiple individual dashboards
  • Intuitive interface
  • Helps organizations improve their cybersecurity posture
    Quickly identify and respond to potential threats
  • Monitor different areas of your organization’s security
  • Easy to spot any potential issues
  • Essential tool for any organization looking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Management Dashboard

A comprehensive view of all findings from the SAP security dimensions

The existing Work Centers are dedicated dashboards for each application on the SecurityBridge Platform. These Work Centers provide specific information and metrics for each application, e.g. real-time threats, custom code vulnerabilities, or missing security patches.

The long-awaited feature of a comprehensive view of all findings from the SAP security dimensions is now available to our users with the launch of the SecurityBridge Management Dashboard. This powerful dashboard enables users to combine all of their security data into one view, giving them a full picture of the security posture of their organization. Users can spot trends and patterns as well as potential threats quickly thanks to the management dashboard. With the help of this feature, users can strengthen their security posture across all SAP security dimensions.

SAP Security Management Dashboard

Build you own security management view in light-speed.

  • Make a variety of perspectives solely on the basis of your needs
  • Create individual dashboards and share them with your team
  • Use your own filters
  • Drag and drop the dashboard items into position.

Work Center

A specific view of all findings for each SAP security dimensions

The SecurityBridge Platform’s Work Center View provides a detailed yet comprehensive perspective on particular cybersecurity findings within the SAP technology stack. This feature is made to help identify potential cyber attacks like Denial of Service or Bruteforce attacks by effectively illustrating critical scenarios using cutting-edge visualization techniques, such as graphical representations and key performance indicator indicators. The main goal of the Work Center View is to give users a streamlined and convenient way to find and fix potential security holes in the SAP technology stack.

This Work Centers of each SecurityBridge application are designed to provide users with a quick and easy way to access important security information, such as current security alerts, recommended remediation actions, and overall security status. With the ability to drill down into specific findings and view detailed information, users can quickly identify and respond to potential threats, helping to improve their organization’s overall security posture.

Event Monitor

(an integral part of SecurityBridge Threat Detection)

Collect, monitor and triage all security relevant events across your entire SAP landscape.

  • Centralized monitoring, independent of your landscape size.
  • Follow the path of an attacker.
  • Visualize events originating from a terminal and/or account in a timeline view.
  • Raise security incidents directly from the event monitor.
  • Find additional information about an event, explaining the risk.
  • Work Center view showing the most recent events.
  • Statistics and Reporting section.
  • And more…


SecurityBridge includes a central cockpit for efficient, landscape-wide customizing.

  • Centrally monitor alerts across all systems.
  • Customize IDS across all agents from a single cockpit.
  • Add and remove agents.
  • Configure automated event actions.
  • Check the health-status for all agents.
  • Configure and monitor SAP-SIEM integration.
  • Launch and control the intrusion detection system.
  • And more…
SBC Configuration Cockpit

Security Incident
Management (SIM)

A Security Incident documents the progress and mitigation for one, or multiple, security alerts. Incidents can include data breach investigations, configurations deviating from your security baseline, mitigating insecure coding and fine-tuning of the SecurityBridge filter settings.

  • Find, track and manage incidents.
  • Add additional details and comments to document your forensics.
  • Involve different teams and stakeholders.
  • Utilize a standardized interface to integrate with ITSM tools.
  • And more…
Security Incident & Response

Security & Compliance

Staying compliant with internal and external policies has become a constant challenge for SAP systems. SecurityBridge delivers a Security & Compliance Monitor to help you stay on track.

  • Zoom in on your security posture, from landscape to system to single use case.
  • Visualise the attack surface.
  • Detailed information on the risk factor for each individual use case.
  • Configure compliance checks to alert of violations.
  • And more…