Reveal the Unknown risks

Assessment approach

With our holistic approach to run an SAP security assessment, we not only reveal potential vulnerabilities, we also identify those being exploited.

Unlike traditional penetration and vulnerability testing, we combine manual and automated testing using modules contained within the SecurityBridge Platform. This approach allows us to audit entire landscapes, quickly and simply. During our audit, no artificial attacks are simulated or reported. Instead, we detect and report real-life alerts, events that actually occurred during the analysis period.

Milestones of an audit


Discuss landscape specific constrains and install the SecurityBridge Platform as a foundation for the assessment.

Identify and Detect

 During this phase, SecurityBridge is continuously running and a dedicated security consultant monitors and verifies the automated audit results.


At the end of the monitoring phase, our security expert evaluates all collected findings and generates a management summary.


The final audit milestone is reached when we present the identified findings and specific recommendations to remediate vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks.

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