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Gain visibility into SAP application and custom code risks and vulnerabilities


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Reinforcing the security of the global organization.


Resilience, security, and responsiveness are your core operational requirements. Our solutions help you to deliver your…

“We were able to have access to actionable intelligence with zero effort allowing us to remediate 80% of our vulnerabilities with insight into the criticality of each one”

CISO of Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company


How to accelerate
SAP Security?

Join and listen to Sanofi’s SAP Security Leader speaking about their journey in securing a large SAP landscape.


Recent Highlights

The Platform receives frequent updates of attack detection patterns, compliance rules, and security features.

What Neil Armstrong once said when putting down his first foot on the moon is now true for SAP Security: One small step for man, one giant leap for SAP Security. With release 5.80 we published another major product release for our user community.
Release highlights
Version: 5.78
On November 5th, 2020 a new release of SecurityBridge was made available for our subscribers. The release (version 5.78.3) contains major improvements. Some of the highlights contained in the release are described on this site. Customers can download the new release from our online support portal.
Release highlights
Version: 4.75
On July 29th 2020 a new release of SecurityBridge was made available for our subscribers. The release (version 4.75) includes new features and enhancements to the current security controls.
Release highlights
Version: 4.73
On 25th of May 2020, ABEX has published a new minor version of SecurityBridge for SAP. This post summarizes the highlights of the recent release.


ABAP, HANA, JAVA – We cover it all

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