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How much can you save?

Business Case Calculator

The Business Case Calculator will help you to better understand the Return on Investment / Total Cost of Ownership of automating SAP Security tasks with the SecurityBridge platform. 

With the Business Case Calculator, we offer you a simple way to identify and quantify the potential savings that can be achieved by using SecurityBridge. You will recognize that the manual execution of security-relevant tasks does not lead to the desired result. A security solution such as the SecurityBridge platform for SAP enables you to free high-profile employees from manual tasks and to use them for important tasks instead. Try out our free SAP Business Case Calculator now!

Get started in only 3 steps.


The calculator only needs to know two input parameters. 


Use this feature of the online calculator to fine-tune the use-cases to fit your specific needs.

Business Case

The last step will provide your individual Business Case document as a PDF.

Start creating your individual Business Case for SAP Security.