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A senior product developer's role at SecurityBridge


Here at SecurityBridge, we are extremely lucky to have a team full of amazing professionals. Thanks to our team, we have achieved extraordinary things in the past couple of years. Our team works continuously to make SecurityBridge the leading cybersecurity platform for SAP systems. With that in mind, we thought it was time for us to start introducing you to the team that drives everything behind the scenes. And we couldn’t have chosen a better example to start with than our very own, Harish Dahima! Read on and learn all about Harish’s life as a Senior Product Developer, his role, and life at SecurityBridge.

What does your typical workday look like?

As a Senior Product Developer, I work mostly on backend developments. My role involves providing technical support to customers, design, estimation, and assessments. My working day typically consists of checking my emails as soon as I log in and seeing if there are any urgent items on my list in agile development sprint board. I spend most of my time replying to, checking, and working on tickets addressed to me. 

How long have you been working at SecurityBridge?

I have been here at SecurityBridge for 3 years now! The way I heard from SecurityBridge was through our senior leadership. I had worked with them in the past for a different assignment and had a wonderful experience. So, when the time came for me to look for a better work opportunity, I was fortunate to be contacted by our leadership to join the team, and I simply couldn’t say no. 

You work remotely. Can you tell us more about how SecurityBridge helps you do your best work remotely?

That’s right, I work remotely from Bangalore, India, but I barely feel that I’m remote or like I don’t see my team. Fortunately, SecurityBridge is a flexible and remote-friendly company. We use multiple tools for communication and coordination of our agile development, and with this, I can connect and communicate with my colleagues from anywhere. As a truly global company, I feel like everyone does their best work and is available all the time during office hours. And with having such an international team comes many benefits like learning different things from diverse cultures and collaborating with people from across the globe with the same goal. 

What is your favorite company value? How do you see the value implemented in the company and platform?

I think my favorite company value would be integrity. Someone with integrity is honest, helpful, and respects their team members, and this is something you can see in the entire team and even the product itself. Our senior leadership is a clear example of this. Everyone here gets the same amount of respect. Since we have such flat hierarchies, it is normal for us to see our opinions taken into consideration. I think one of the best things about our company having these values is that we all operate on a team level but also have complete independence. Integrity is deeply embedded within our company culture and customer promise and is one of the things that makes SecurityBridge so unique. 

How would you describe your team?

Our team is one of the key reasons SecurityBridge is so unique and why our product is so great. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Everyone is dedicated, understanding, helpful, and respectful to each other. Having experts in every area definitely improves the quality of the product

What do you think about our product and its impact on our customers?

The whole product is extremely exciting. We work to enhance it with new features and improve existing ones based on customer feedback. Every day, we strive to make the product better. Our customers are happy, satisfied, and excited with it. It is also reflected in the continuous feedback provided by them to make the product better. 

Are you looking for a new challenge where the product and company culture blend? Well, we’ve got great news. We’re hiring for our marketing department! Check our careers page and join the leading cybersecurity platform for SAP systems. 

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