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Engineering an expansion: Meet Barry, our North America Sales Engineer

LifeatSB - Barry

Step into the world of SecurityBridge and meet the incredible individuals who form the backbone of our operations. We are privileged to have an exceptional team of professionals – their expertise and dedication drive our success and shape the future of cybersecurity for SAP systems.  

Today, we share the experience and insights of one of our Sales Engineers and new joiners – Barry Snow. Learn more about his influential role, gain invaluable insights into life at SecurityBridge, and uncover his opinion regarding the true impact of our product.   

What exactly is your role?

I recently joined SecurityBridge as part of the North America expansion team. This expansion stage allows SecurityBridge to embody a unique blend of a mature company and a startup, presenting exciting opportunities and challenges. As a result, my role often requires me to wear different hats for different tasks throughout the week. Primarily, I assist the Sales Organization with pre-sales technical tasks. Additionally, I give input to the Product Management and Marketing teams based on feedback from the growing North American customer base. I am also involved in the post-sales (delivery) processes. Like in pre-sales, I join calls with existing customers, but in post-sales, the goal is to cultivate a customer base that is fully satisfied and appreciates the exceptional value, consulting, and support they receive from SecurityBridge. 

You work remotely. Can you tell us more about how SecurityBridge helps you do your best work remotely?

As part of the hiring process, I underwent an assessment to highlight my ability to work remotely with exceptional productivity and efficiency. The remote model requires proper tools and processes to enable team members to maintain effective communication and not feel as if they are in a “silo” in their house. It also requires qualities such as initiative and integrity. Remote workers need to be trusted, but they must also be able to demonstrate their productivity and act as self-starters. SecurityBridge recognizes the value of this remote-work model and seeks individuals who can thrive in such a scenario. I am living in Florida and work across most time zones as needed. In multiple ways, remote work is more efficient than project travel or daily commuting for me.  

What is your favorite company value? And how do you see the value implemented in the company?

Integrity is what I call a “Core Value” – a value “at the core” of other ones. Once you have integrity, the other values tend to take care of themselves. This is true both in personal and in customer relationships. It is even true in product development! I heard recently about a new twist on when to release a product. It was called Minimum Lovable Product (instead of Minimum Viable Product). That is a way to show integrity in the product and show integrity with your customer relationships. 

What exciting projects are you working on?

As mentioned, my core project is the North American expansion. One exciting aspect is that even the North American customer and prospect base requires global outreach. So, I regularly have calls to 3 or 4 other continents, all related to this mission. Sometimes, the odd-hour phone calls in the evening or early morning might be grueling, but overall, it is exciting to work with multiple global corporations right from my house in Florida! 

How would you describe your team?

My team is currently very much matrixed – while we are in this expansion phase. One day, I might be collaborating internally with Support, Marketing, Product Management, Sales, or Partners. So, the “team” is what I make of each interaction. When I am joining customer calls, my team is incredibly supportive, they will either be on the call with me or are available in the background to support me with product knowledge if I am lacking anything. 

What do you think about our product and its impact on our customers?

The best way for me to describe SecurityBridge is that they are the “pure-play” leader in SAP Cybersecurity. The solution is built FOR SAP technologies, it is certified BY SAP, and it is installed directly INTO the SAP technologies. In solution architecture, you might think of this as a “vertical focus” … but the SAP technology space is VAST! So, I am not concerned about the pure-play focus. It is the best way to specifically service the needs of SAP customers as their SAP Cybersecurity vendor of choice.    

The product is affordable and is sold simply as a “platform” with licensing based on the SAP technologies/servers that are “in scope” for protection with SecurityBridge. This makes it quite simple for our sales team and customers to roll out a POV/POC and structure a quote. 


Are you seeking an exciting opportunity where the product and company culture come together seamlessly? We have fantastic news for you! Our sales department is currently hiring. Visit our careers page and become part of the team at the forefront of the cybersecurity platform for SAP systems.   

Are you interested in delving deeper into SecurityBridge and exploring all aspects of SAP Cybersecurity? Explore our blog for more information.  

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