Recent Updates – February 2022

SAP stability and new features

In Version 6.04 of the SecurityBridge Platform we introduced new capabilities and general product improvements for SAP Security, often originating from customer feedback and industry requirements.

The highlights below are just a sample of the innovations introduced with the latest release of the SecurityBridge Platform. Customers can find a complete overview in the Release Notes.

Log4j Vulnerability Scanning

Immediately after the Log4j became public SecurityBridge delivered new signatures for two existing Threat Detection Sensors (1082 and 1086) contained in the SecurityBridge Platform.

With these SecurityBridge SAP customers are secured by default against the Log4j vulnerability.

New SAP Security Baseline

The Security & Compliance Management was updated with a new security baseline that checks the requirements provided by the German SAP user group (DSAG) who provided a distinct SAP Security Recommendation Guideline.

So, this new baseline now makes the best practices and recommendations available for all SecurityBridge customers.

Action rule configuration via Settings App

The very powerful Action & Filters feature received not enough attention yet as it was only available via SAP Gui transactions. That’s why we have now brought it to the Fiori frontend.

With Action & Filters SecurityBridge users can automate actions for detected security findings. E.g. the moment a system will be opened for change, an email is sent immediately (and automatically) to the system owner.

Relevant settings are now easily accessible via the web-based editor.

Code Vulnerability Analyzer updated

We added KPI metrics to the dashboard of this Code Vulnerability Analyser app. These KPIs increase transparency and make it easier to rate the security posture of an SAP system.

... stay tuned

Our new module Violation Management is coming soon.

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