One small step for man, one giant leap for SAP Security

What Neil Armstrong once said when putting down his first foot on the moon is now true for SAP Security. During these very special times, our product development team has been active as ever, introducing new – sometimes even groundbreaking- functions, helping our customers to further simplify the path for securely running SAP. 

SecurityBridge customers have access to the product roadmap, which they directly also have input to. We are pleased to once again confirm we are on track in realizing committed targets. With the newly released platform features, we are on track to becoming the #1 independent, SAP native, cybersecurity platform. Our open platform solution is entirely built within the SAP technology stack,  leveraging familiar and proven technologies, which are easy to integrate with already existing IT security solutions. Our commitment to partner with trusted security service providers and advisors pays off and helps us to introduce speed-to-security.

Some features included in Version 5.80 originate from customer feedback. We would like to take this opportunity to express our special thanks to our SecurityBridge customers! We appreciate the open and close cooperation and value your comments and suggestions.

Our product management remains consistent with the direction taken on using SAP Fiori interfaces. Release 5.80 shows the first version of the Global Settings application for SecurityBridge. This new Fiori app bundles all platform settings and configuration options. With this, we further simplify the installation and long term maintenance.

Particularly noteworthy is the integration of the Transport Center solution into the SecurityBridge platform. Read more about this further down in the article.

With release 5.80 we published another major product release for our user community. The new version is already available for download in our customer portal.


Early February 2021 SecurityBridge released a major update of its SAP security platform. In addition to monthly signature updates we introduced new capabilities and general product improvements, often originating from customer feedback and industry requirements.

The highlights below are just a sample of the innovations introduced with the latest release. Customers can find a complete overview in the Release Notes.


How to accelerate
SAP Security?

Join and listen to Sanofi’s SAP Security Leader speaking about their journey in securing a large SAP landscape.


Global Settings

Adding and administering systems has never been easier

From within the new UI5 application, you can add and maintain agent systems, define security baselines, distribute the latest configuration across your SAP landscape, and much more. 

The new app is downwards compatible and can be used in parallel to its WebDynpro based alternative.


Transport Center

Entire new capability: SAP Transport Management

…for many people also known as TRACE, is now shipped as a SecurityBridge module.  Transport Center is a powerful transport request manager, a power shield on top of SAP TMS (transaction STMS).  With the strategic decision to merge Transport Center within the SecurityBridge platform existing TRACE customers will soon benefit from integrated code security at transport release and deployment, without license impact. SecurityBridge customers will also benefit from enhanced transport security capabilities.  A true win-win.


Single to multi-baseline

Check again more then just one baseline, grow your coverage

Using our predefined template, it was already possible to validate your systems against a baseline, which could be altered and enhanced by customers.

It is now also possible to verify against multiple baselines at the same time.


Security Frameworks and Standards

Starting with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Security events and controls can now be linked to frameworks and an industry-standard control nomenclature.  SecurityBridge does come with a standard set of Security Frameworks and Security Standards, as of 5.80 a predefined mapping for NIST is shipped.


Public Exploit available

The security advisory portal has been updated

Since the last update, a new attribute has been introduced for the SAP Security advisories. Whenever a publicly available exploit for an already patched vulnerability is available this is now visible.

A link to the exploit is provided in the details whenever available.

... and more

Detection Pattern updates

after recent SAP Patch Days

The detection system received various updates in response to the recent high and hot news severity notes.

Learn more about SecurityBridge here

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