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Comprehensive Security Assessment

Assess risk and compliance

Let our experts help you to access the security posture of your business-critical SAP systems.
SAP ERP, CRM, Business Warehouse (BW), SCM, FI are modules that support critical IT operations and contribute to the success of your company.  


Migration to S/4HANA brings a myriad of considerations for the SAP-driven enterprise, with the issue of security at the top of the agenda. Security is inherently founded on secure configuration and custom code, and is one of the key success factors for migration to S/4.

assess your SAP systems?

Ensuring these mission-critical applications are available, performing, compliant and secure is essential for business operations. Many organizations, however, lack details of configuration or custom code vulnerabilities existing within their systems. ABEX offers the “Reveal the Unknown”, not only discover vulnerabilities and exploitations during the assessment. Based on the results, we define the priorities and provide clear actions for improvements and cost savings. The results provide IT operations, finance, and audit and information security leaders with quantitative, actionable results to better understand availability, audit processes and existing cyber risks. 

We have developed an assessment approach that consists of a service and a product component. Our experts have combined years’ of expertise, reviewed the market offerings, and understand that SAP customers are in the need of application-specific insights. Leveraging the software components of SecurityBridge, the result of an assessment would not only show vulnerabilities existing within custom configurations and the codebase, but also reveal actual exploitations. 

Unique Approach

Full coverage of SAP stack

We provide actionable insight into the security-relevant dimensions of SAP grouped by area of responsibilities, specific to SAP, such as:

  • SAP Basis
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Data Protection
  • Authorization
  • Identity & Access
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