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Working Together for Greater SAP Security: SecurityBridge and Protect4S are Joining Forces

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Ingolstadt/Wageningen, 12 September 2023. SecurityBridge, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for SAP customers, acquired Dutch SAP security specialist Protect4S. Through the acquisition, customers will benefit from an even more comprehensive one-stop-shop software platform that will improve every SAP customer’s security position across all technology stacks. SecurityBridge and Protect4S combine their long-standing expertise and deep understanding of customers’ requirements to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity software solutions and to further expand their global activities.

Established in 2012 and headquartered in Ingolstadt, SecurityBridge is a leading provider and pioneer in the field of cybersecurity solutions for SAP customers. With its innovative and holistic cybersecurity software platform, SecurityBridge helps companies to monitor their business-critical SAP systems and to detect and fend off attacks in real-time.

Protect4S, which is based in Wageningen, Netherlands, specializes in the automation and simplification of SAP cybersecurity, thereby safeguarding access to SAP security for companies both large and small. The specialist’s SAP cybersecurity research team is internationally recognized as a leader in its field and thus of highest value to SecurityBridge.

The acquisition of the Dutch IT specialist not only expands SecurityBridge’s industry expertise and increases its innovative strength, but also allows SecurityBridge to further build on its industry leadership. As well as strengthening its international activities, SecurityBridge’s presence will be further enhanced in the important mid-sized market.

“Since we founded SecurityBridge over ten years ago, we have committed ourselves to offering our customers the very best solutions available on the market, and to be regarded as a byword for SAP security throughout the entire industry. The acquisition of our partner Protect4S allows us to provide real added value for our customers, adds industry-leading cybersecurity research, while also successfully developing our position as a market leader for cybersecurity in the SAP ecosystem – particularly for small and medium-sized businesses,” says Christoph Nagy, Managing Director of SecurityBridge.

Ivan Mans, CTO of SecurityBridge, adds: “By acquiring Protect4S, we aim to harness collective talent, experience, and technology to ultimately provide better protection for our customers. We look forward to working together with our Protect4S colleagues on developing better SAP security solutions.”

“We have been in a phase of rapid growth for several years, transitioning from serving a handful of SAP customers in the Netherlands to over 50 clients spread across the world. Merging with SecurityBridge allows us to amplify our impact and continue our mission. We are impressed by the SecurityBridge platform and look forward to our shared future with confidence!” commented Onno Coenen, CEO of Protect4S.

Joris van de Vis, co-founder of Protect4S, expressed, “My personal drive has always been to contribute to a safer world by researching vulnerabilities in SAP systems. Our mission stems from this, and together with the SecurityBridge team, we can achieve this goal more effectively and efficiently.”

With this collaboration, SecurityBridge and Protect4S are set to establish elevated standards in SAP security practices. Together as one global company, their dedication remains steadfast in providing SAP customers worldwide with adaptable security solutions that effectively counter emerging cyber threats. For further information about SecurityBridge and its suite of SAP cybersecurity solutions, please visit our website.

About SecurityBridge:
SecurityBridge is a global cybersecurity manufacturer of SAP software headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany. As a response to the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks, the SecurityBridge platform offers an attractive and effective security solution for SAP customers. The software platform, which is fully integrated into SAP, quickly identifies cyberattacks and reliably repels them. In addition to monitoring, the SecurityBridge platform offers in-depth analysis tools to identify not only unsecured configurations and missing security but also weak points in customers’ own SAP developments. SecurityBridge supports many of the world’s leading brands and companies as a rapidly growing provider of cybersecurity for SAP Cloud or on-premises applications and customer-specific code.

About Protect4S:
Protect4S, headquartered in the Netherlands, builds SAP Platform Security software that enables SAP customers to continuously improve their SAP cybersecurity through automation and simplicity of use. Our mission is to make our SAP cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable to everyone because we want to make the world a bit safer. To achieve this, we work closely with SAP service partners around the world so that all SAP customers can be supported.

Press Contact SecurityBridge:
Münchener Str. 49
85051 Ingolstadt
+49-841 93914840

Press Contact Protect4S:
Mörfelden-Walldorfplein 417
6706 LE Wageningen, Netherlands
+31 6 47100101

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