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SecurityBridge Introduces Privileged Access Management (PAM): Advanced SAP Security Enhanced With Seamless Superuser Oversight


New York, New York, September 6th, 2023SecurityBridge, a leading global provider of SAP
security solutions, today announced its Privileged Access Management (PAM) module, part of
the SecurityBridge Platform. The new module brings a streamlined approach to PAM and
Superuser Tracking to simplify SAP security.
SecurityBridge’s PAM module is a self-service app that leverages a named user (no
impersonation) to request privileged access sessions while hyperlogging all actions. Users faced
with critical issues in a productive SAP system can now swiftly act with superuser permissions.
In addition, the SAP admin can request a privileged access session via the SecurityBridge
self-service app to execute actions under their user name, with heightened security to closely
monitor essential superuser activities.
Compared to other solutions, SecurityBridge’s PAM module offers fast and straightforward
management for granting privileged access, especially in emergencies. There are no restrictions
regarding the number of parallel active users, and individuals can be tracked before, during, and
after privileged access sessions—simplifying any investigative process. Additional benefits

  • Full Audit Trail: Allows SAP customers to have a complete audit record while executing
    security-critical functions.
  • Simplified Provisioning: Introducing a self-service app that revolutionizes assigning
    elevated user privileges.
  • Reduced Dependency on SAP_ALL: There’s no longer a need to rely on SAP superuser
    privileges consistently.

“Identifying and investigating threats is paramount for SAP security analysts,” said Christoph
Nagy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityBridge. “Our new PAM module helps these analysts by
delving into the granular privilege access details through hyperlogging, making it seamless to
track user actions and deeply understand their behavior.”

About SecurityBridge

SecurityBridge is an SAP Security Platform provider developing tools to extend the SAP
ecosystem. The company takes a radically different approach to traditional security solutions,
believing SAP applications and custom code will be infiltrated no matter how diligently security
hygiene is applied. In response to this belief, SecurityBridge created its integrated real-time
solution for constant monitoring. Powered by anomaly detection, the SecurityBridge platform
can differentiate between accurate results and false positives so that security teams can better
focus on real issues. For more information, please visit

For more information, contact:

Patricia Franco

Global Marketing

+49-841 93914840  

Betsey Rogers
BridgeView Marketing

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