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SecurityBridge Research Lab reported over 100 SAP cybersecurity vulnerabilities

SecurityBridge Research Lab reported over 100 SAP cybersecurity vulnerabilities

This article talks about how SecurityBridge Research Lab has reported over 100 zero-day vulnerabilities in SAP software, significantly enhancing SAP security.

SecurityBridge Research Lab is now in the Top-3 ranking worldwide

At SecurityBridge, we are committed to making the SAP world a bit more secure. To achieve this, we are running the SecurityBridge Research Lab which discoveredand reported over 100 zero-day vulnerabilities in SAP software to date. Following the recent acquisition, the Protect4S (previously ERP-SEC) research team is now part of the SecurityBridge Research Lab. The SAP Security Response team, responsible for acting on these reports, has credited our research team for these findings and created numerous patches aimed at addressing them.

SecurityBridge Research Lab SAP cybersecurity vulnerabilities

The number of responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities ranks SecurityBridge in the top 3 position worldwide, making its position significant when considering the SAP Security specialised organisations which are still active in this space today. This makes SecurityBridge an important partner for SAP security.  

With over 100 vulnerabilities reported, the SecurityBridge Research Lab not only contributes to securing the SAP ecosystem, SAP products and SAP customers but also drives innovation and improvement of the SAP security platformthey provide.  

The SecurityBridge Research Lab identified many SAP Security bug fixes/notes that are relevant for all SAP customers in the SAP ecosystem, enabling them to remediate these findings. On top of that, it provides additional value specifically for SecurityBridge customers from a 24/7 real-time monitoring perspective.  

When an SAP vulnerability is found, the SecurityBridge platform can detect possible abuse of these vulnerabilities, even before SAP releases a patch. This increases visibility into what is happening in the SAP landscape and decreases risk as customers can take immediate action. The SecurityBridge Research Lab not only contributes to the release of SAP Security notes but also analyses newly released SAP security notes on Patch Tuesday. These patches from SAP and signatures for detection become automatically available within the SecurityBridge Platform. 

Interested to learn how we can help you run your SAP landscape more securely? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our guided approach to SAP Security excellence. For more SAP security-related news, articles, and whitepapers, please follow us on LinkedIn!  

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