SIEM Integration for SAP

SAP© with SIEM

to explore the full power of monitoring.

Empower your SIEM with +300 SAP use-cases

Instant access to SAP as a log source for splunk, Azure Sentinel, IBM QRadar, ...

The SIEM solution is part of cyber defense and cyber threat detection. It collects data from various applications, client and/or server OS, information from malware defense, suspicious port-scans, and should contain event-data from business-critical systems. 

However, all too often we hear that log events in SAP are turned off because they generate too much data and the results are incomprehensible to the security operation center. Unfortunately, this means that critical SAP security events are missing in the holistic security overview provided by Security Information Event Management (SIEM). SecurityBridge addresses that problem by the computation of all security logs. It provides over 300 use-cases capturing security-relevant information and malicious actions. SecurityBridge interprets the SAP specifics to efficiently send the events to a SIEM.
Security Analysts are provided with instant actionable intelligence, readily understandable even if the security team has no knowledge of SAP NetWeaver.

SecurityBridge easily connects with all leading SIEM solutions.

Why SecurityBridge

Real-time Events

Endpoint Monitoring

Complement the limited view of any SIEM platform with SAP application and terminal specific information.


Endpoint Forensics

Enable your security teams to use the comprehensive forensic tool-kit of SecurityBridge.


Smart before Big Data

SecurityBridge only sends security relevant events to the SIEM. It decides whether or not an event is security relevant by evaluating various data sources in SAP.



SecurityBridge translates the specific terms of SAP© into a language that is understood by security analysts.

Smart data instead of big-data


Detect critical actions and new introduced vulnerabilities in real-time, alerting directing to your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Und noch ein Test

Incident & Response

Empower security teams in different competence areas, to collaborate, and to become fast and efficient.

Certified for splunk >

Real-time intrusion detection scanning for SAP©, visible directly in Splunk. SecurityBridge eliminates the gap between SAP© security monitoring and Splunk.

SecurityBridge App for Splunk

SecurityBridge for splunk