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Cybersecurity and application security is a trend-driven field. While attackers continue to improve their attack techniques, defenders need to pay attention to these new trends. Follow our trending tags for information on specific topics.

Security News
Till Pleyer

SAP Secure Operations Map

The SAP Secure Operations Map is part of the security recommendations published by SAP and has been revised several times over the years. While this is well known to SAP security experts, much fewer people in Information Security are familiar with it.

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S4 /HANA Migration Project - traffic monitor
SAP Interface
Rudolf Kubica

Interfaces: a major concern for SAP S4/HANA transformations

SAP S4/HANA is the latest generation of SAP Business Application based on the HANA database. May organizations are in the migration or planning to perform a migration to SAP S4/HANA. The prerequisite for an effective S4/HANA migration phase is a clean and well-prepared environment.

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Security for S4/HANA Cloud or onPrem
Security News
Marketing Dept.

SAP security for S/4HANA®: the challenges

Quite a few SAP customers are currently migrating their systems to the new S/4HANA platform. This represents a great opportunity to re-think SAP security and harden S/4HANA right from the outset. However, there are several challenges to SAP security with S/4HANA. Despite sharing numerous settings with the “old” SAP Business Suite, some things are fundamentally different in S/4HANA.

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