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Why we do our #CrossTheBridge cycling event

SAP Cycling event

It was John F. Kennedy who once said: “nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride”. And what a pleasure it has been! We had our annual bike ride with friends from Accenture, Deloitte, CGI, McCoy, Thales, KPN, Hunt &Hacket, and security leaders from major customers. We had a lot of opportunities for exchange in the cozy atmosphere among like-minded people who all love road cycling and have SAP Security improvement in mind.

“We rode like we do business together. As a pack, we are faster and stronger.”Arjen Slim, Managing Director – Europe Applied Cyber Security Services at Accenture

Together we discovered the beautiful scenery of the area called ‘de Bommelerwaard”, with the ancient castle of Loevestein as a highlight.

Our road captains were Dave Andriese, a Rotterdam celebrity, and Maarten Ducrot, a former Dutch professional road bicycle racer and currently a cycling reporter for Dutch television, who guided the peloton safely along the dikes. The ride was a great adventure for everyone. From beginners to semi-professional cyclists. From an easy pace to some special challenges for the ones that liked to go all-in, we had options for all. Our support car took care of the group and offered drinks and snacks during the breaks. The weather was a big challenge, but our good luck and a long coffee stop kept the riders dry during the day. And we even set a new record. We only had 4 flat tires during the trip! Fortunately, our experienced athletes repaired all tires without causing much delay.

Maarten shared some of his stories on professional cycling, life in the peloton, and his experiences as a reporter. At the start, Maarten pointed out that safety in a peloton is a lot like cybersecurity, where every individual has their responsibilities. When all group members behave correctly and follow the safety recommendations, we can arrive securely at our destination. For us, it was important to form a foundation for future partnerships and customer relationships with this 2nd #CrossTheBridge cycling event.

If you organize something, it’s an event. Organize it again, and it becomes a tradition. And after that? It evolves into a classic! We can safely say our #CrossTheBridge cycling event will be back next year for its classic status!

SAP Cycling Event
Some statistics of what our cyclers did during the event.

 “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”- John F. Kennedy, late former American president

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