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Life at SecurityBridge

SecurityBridge’s mission to ensure SAP applications and custom code are never compromised is a core driver for our efforts to secure the SAP landscape. This core mission rules how we do business and internally work — from creating world-class software to hiring top talent. To achieve this goal, we need an extraordinary staff capable of thinking outside the box and not being afraid of making mistakes. We are a fast-paced, growing company with a history of bending our market and hiring top talent.

Who we are

At SecurityBridge, we encourage our employees to be part of our mission and support them in their career progression through all stages. As a core component of our company culture and our promise to create a safe environment to work, we are committed to putting our employees’ needs at the forefront of our internal business policies. Are you ready to join one of the coolest and fastest-growing Security-as-a-software companies out there? Check our careers page and apply today to #crossthebridge with us now!

Cycling event
Life at SecurityBridge
Raffaella Ronzi

A recap of our 3rd #CrossTheBridge cycling event

On September 8th 2023 we hosted the 3rd edition of our CrossTheBridge Cycling Event This annual gathering brought together our valued partners and customers for a day packed with adventure celebration networking and importantly the sharing of SAP cybersecurity knowledge and insights

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Our culture

As a company dedicated to solving complex cybersecurity problems, we need the best talent to help us in this quest. One of the core benefits of working with us is our unique company culture. We are an international cybersecurity company with offices in Germany and the United States. However, we also have a remote setting that allows you to do your best work wherever you want. This is possible because our company culture and values let us trust our talent.

SecurityBridge has four core company values that transcend our internal work as well as our platform. The four company values are:

  • Honesty:
    We love what we do and strive to create a unique product to protect all business-critical information within SAP Systems. We do this by always bringing honesty and transparency to our decision-making. 
  • Respect:
    As a global company, we have a great deal of diversity in perspective and ideas. We work as a team to ensure everyone’s contributions are respected and supported.
  • Helpfulness:
    Not only do we strive to help each other within our team, but we also do the same for our customers. We believe helpfulness is a core component of growth.
  • Integrity:
    In unison with our value of honesty, we are the same behind closed doors as in public. We strive to help our customers and will always put them and our employees at the forefront of our decision-making process.

Love what you’re hearing? Then what are you waiting for? Join the fastest-growing SAP cybersecurity company. Check our multiple open roles and prepare yourself to #crossthebridge with us!

Our culture

As a company with a team spread across the globe, we need to have some baselines on how we approach work. These components and our values encompass what we are all about at SecurityBridge.

We work by being:

1. Customer-centric
We want to put our customers’ needs front and center. We are here because of them, and together with our core mission of protecting SAP Systems, we make sure we take care of them.

2. Agile
As category-leading software, we need to work in all environments and be able to optimize and improve where needed. We are committed to hiring excellent and agile talent focused on creating world-class solutions.

3. Fun
Although we love what we do, we also love having fun. That is why fun is a core component of the way we work. By ensuring all our employees are simultaneously having fun at work, we ensure creativity never stops.

4. Bending the rules
We can’t create category-leading software by following archaic status quo and rules. We encourage all our staff to think differently and bend the rules to create impactful and meaningful results for our customers.

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