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Partner Network

As a leading cybersecurity company, we pride ourselves on our clients and partner network. Partnering with SecurityBridge is an enriching experience that benefits both parties. We understand our partners' needs and challenges and strive to offer customized solutions to meet every company’s specific requirements.  

What is our Partner Network?

Our partner network is a program committed to delivering partners with simple, predictable, and profitable experiences. As a leading cybersecurity company for SAP systems, we rely on our partners for feedback as a part of our customer-centric and partner-centric values. We count on exemplary partners all around the world. Our extensive network allows us to provide SAP security services to customers all around the globe and add extra services to our portfolio.

How to become a SecurityBridge Partner

Becoming a SecurityBridge partner comes with many added benefits:   

  • Partner Portal  
  • Global Partner Updates 
  • Training & Support  
  • Collaborative Marketing and more  

As a company, we are deeply committed to our customers and partners. That is why we always seek to improve our offerings and collaborate when possible. Our goal is to help your customers secure their SAP systems with the world’s only fully integrated SAP cybersecurity solution for SAP systems. We strive to help you as a partner in any way possible, including generating new revenue in one of our partner offerings. 

3 Different Partner Programs to choose from

We invite you to consider joining our Partner ecosystem, which can provide security measures for your customers’ SAP systems and custom code. This partnership presents an opportunity to tap into a market with substantial growth potential and offer advanced security solutions for SAP customers while generating revenue. 

  1. Reseller
    In this partnership type, you can select to either directly sell the SecurityBridge platform or refer us to an organization, for us to take care of all the necessary resources to deliver SecurityBridge. You will not be required to provide any sales or technical services.
  2. Service Partner
    This partnership type will work better for you if you possess SAP skills within your organization. If you prefer a more involved level of engagement that includes both, sales and technical expertise, and ongoing support, this is the perfect match for you. We would be happy to provide resources to assist you through training, sales, and technical support continuously.
  3. Hosting
    Lastly, this partnership type focuses on managed services, which are rapidly expanding in our partnership program. With this partnership, you can host and manage the SecurityBridge Platform. This opportunity to provide your clients with the most advanced security platform available will give you a significant competitive edge. Also, you will provide your clients with a detailed analysis of their security posture and guidance for remediation and actionable insights. 

Questions (FAQs)

How many different Partner Programs does SecurityBridge offer?

SecurityBridge offers 3 different Partner Programs: Reseller, Service Partner and Hosting.

Why should a company partner with SecurityBridge?

Here at SecurityBridge, we focus on using the opportunity of partnerships’ instauration. We aim to lay the foundations for a common path and achieve our shared goals. The Partner Program focuses on providing partners with an uncomplicated, reliable, and financially rewarding experience. 

How many partners does SecurityBridge have?

We have successfully onboarded 33 new partners in the past two years. 

What is SecurityBridge’s customer retention rate?

Our customer retention rate has been 100% since 2015. 

How do customers rate SecurityBridge’s support?

Our clients rate SecurityBridge’s support 4.9/5. 

Do you want to learn more about our Partner Network?

Become an SAP Security Partner and let’s grow together!

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