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SAP Code Security

Detect And Remediate Custom Code Vulnerabilities

The Code Vulnerability Analyzer within the SecurityBridge Platform supports static code analysis & dynamic scans at code compilation.

Reveal vulnerabilities lurking in your SAP ABAP codebase

A direct integration into the development process in the ABAP Development Workbench and Eclipse Tools for ABAP makes the SecurityBridge Code Vulnerability Analyzer a constant companion for your developers. Scans can be conducted effortlessly as part of the coding activity. The integrated SecurityBridge Platform ensures that identified vulnerabilities will be visible to the other Security Platform Applications.
A comprehensive 360° view reveals which vulnerability has been exploited and the SecurityBridge Platform raises an alert in real-time once such an incident is detected. Our security experts constantly provide new detection patterns to keep the solution up-to-date and capable of discovering new vulnerabilities. As a unique feature for SAP add-ons, our customers can update all detection signatures with a click of a button.

Scan thousands of lines of ABAP

Save time with SecurityBridge Code Vulnerability Analyzer

Understand The Risk

Code Vulnerability Analyzer helps you understand & mitigate the individual security risk hidden in custom code of each of your SAP systems.

Automatic vs. Manual

Detect an exploit via the Intrusion Detection System. Find and close the vulnerability via the Code Vulnerability Analyzer.

Scan individual areas

Scan your entire custom code base, or target certain areas. The Code Vulnerability Analyzer is your perfect co-pilot for development processes.

Simple and Fast - Performance is Key

Hundreds of Objects. Thousands of Lines. Code Vulnerability Analysis in just a Few Seconds.

We applied the same software design targets that we set for all of our platform. Software must be lean, reliable, fast, and easy to adopt. The performance of the Code Vulnerability Analyzer is a top priority. SecurityBridge ploughs through thousands of lines of code in no time. It continuously guards as a silent watchdog, ensuring code security is no longer optional or avoidable. Request a demo or run an on-premise test yourself. Assess your code security level now.

Let the scanner help you to identify vulnerable or malicious coding lines. Highlight non-mitigated SQL-, OpenSQL- and ADBC injections vulnerabilities. Find missing authorization checks in remote enabled function modules (RFC). Shield the system from backdoors being installed. The SecurityBridge Code Vulnerability Analyzer will highlight direct table manipulations, directory traversal vulnerabilities and many other risks lurking in your code.

Code Security is no longer an option


SecurityBridge complements tools and processes already in place for your software development lifecycle management. Code security should never be optional. Protect against ABAP code injects, foreign transports, temporary program creations, and more with SecurityBridge’s Code Vulnerability Analyzer providing constant monitoring.

Not convinced there's a need?

Here’s a real-life backdoor example
The attacker, a developer with legitimate rights on the system, wrote a discriminating authorization check. Using an IF-clause, he could avoid the authorization check being executed for a specific user-ID. Possibly, this was done during the development and testing phase; potentially this can now be exploited in production to manipulate salary slips. An ordinary line of code may have a significant impact on your Human Resources department.

Solution Brief:

Code Vulnerability Analyzer

Are you looking for a condensed document providing all thenformation about SecurityBridge’s Code Vulnerability Analyzer solution?

The solution brief combines all the relevant information you need to know about the built-in Code Vulnerability Analyzer solution of SecurityBridge for SAP.