Company History

SecurityBridge was found in 2012 with the target of becoming a leading software vendor within the SAP ecosystem. SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes. SecurityBridge is the first and only holistic, natively integrated security platform, addressing all aspects needed to protect organizations running SAP from internal and external threats against their core business applications.



The journey began in 2011, when our founders Ivan Mans and Christoph Nagy decided to join forces and launch a start-up, to build SAP add-on solutions that complement SAP standard products.


Early 2012 the venture was incorporated as NCMI GmbH, located in Nuremberg, Germany.


By the end of 2012, our first enterprise customers signed up for Transport Center. The solution, meanwhile integrated within the SecurityBridge platform, enables SAP customers to securely promote custom development and system configuration into productive operations.


While our first solution was successfully received, it was time to expand the portfolio.  The vision of our founders, to fully secure SAP installations, was put into action. Leveraging the experience gained in the domain of general IT-Security, the foundation was laid for a holistic SAP cybersecurity solution. 

At first a solution was build to bridge the gap between the SAP application stack and Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) platforms. This is also how the name SecurityBridge surfaced.


Some of today’s reference customers recognised the potential of the early versions and the applied solution approach and where eager to participate through a development & early adopter partnership. Customer feedback and requirements resulted in a solution that answers the need for SAP cyber security.


With a steadily growing customer base, now covering the consumer, insurance, public and pharmaceutical sector, the market acknowledged SecurityBridge as a valuable and innovative solution. 

Also in 2015 we welcomed two new reference customers, adidas AG and MERCK KGaA. 


To allow further expansion a strategic decision was taken to move the company from Nuremberg to Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt, which remains our HQ also today, is located in southern Germany, between Nuremberg and Munich.


SecurityBridge became an SAP Certified Solution and was made available within the SAP Store.


Also in the year 2018, expansion plans unfolded with local sales representation in North America and the onboarding of new reselling partners.

2019 – 2020

We continued to pursue our vision of developing the first holistic security platform for SAP customers!

In 2019 we expanded the solution scope, covering vulnerability management and incident & response capabilities. In 2020, we released more essential building blocks for a holistic enterprise security program:


Cybersecurity is the foundation for many innovations. We continue our mission, to ensure SAP applications and custom code are never successfully compromised by cyber-attacks. Our mission governs the way we do business and is at the thrust of every technology investment — from employing top technologists to providing a world-class SAP security platform.