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HyperLogging for SAP

Protect SAP against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks
With HyperLogging, the SecurityBridge Platform provides deep forensics by creating a 360° view of all log details related to a critical user activity.

Elevate your cybersecurity with the SecurityBridge Platform HyperLogging module for enhanced User Activity Monitoring (UAM) within your SAP systems.

Our “selective – all” approach, triggered by Threat Detection sensors, automatically gathers all monitoring records from relevant log sources within a time window before and after critical events. Empower your security team to swiftly understand and respond to real attacks with unprecedented detail. Stay ahead of evolving threats and leverage SecurityBridge for robust and efficient cybersecurity.

Proactive Data Gathering

Experience unparalleled security with the indiscernible footprint of SecurityBridge across your SAP instance.

The SecurityBridge Threat Detection sensor automatically activates HyperLogging in case of critical findings. Proactively, it identifies, normalizes, and compiles all necessary information for forensic analysis into a separate and therefore tamperproof storage.

This comprehensive solution captures data both before and after the incident, including SAP Security Audit Logs, change docs, statistics, and many more. Empower forensic experts to identify vulnerabilities and assess the potential impact of an attack with SecurityBridge’s cutting-edge capabilities.

Instantly Available

Unlock the power of HyperLogging, seamlessly woven into our platform and readily available to every SecurityBridge user.

The HyperLogging application grants instant access to primary functionalities, crafted with cutting-edge SAP Fiori technology.

Explore the enhanced capabilities effortlessly and elevate your experience with SecurityBridge.

Security Automation

Elevate your security automation with SecurityBridge’s HyperLogging, empowering effortless protection for mission-critical applications. Manual collection of attack details is a costly endeavor in terms of human resources. Instead, let experts focus on analyzing and evaluating evidence within the SAP application stack.

SecurityBridge ensures a seamless and effective security process, allowing your team to concentrate on strategic insights rather than manual data gathering.

Solution Brief:


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