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Identity Protection SAP

Protect SAP Identities



Embed identity protection into your business systems for tighter IT security. Reduce risk and involve your SAP users to detect and respond to identity theft.

Identity Protection

Integral part of the SecurityBridge Platform

Identity Protection is a core component of SecurityBridge. Once installed, an SAP instance of your choice becomes the verifier for identities. This detects new identities, informs the identity owner and allows reporting of identity theft. When reporting malicious activity, a security event is automatically triggered.

Features at a glance:

  • Enable crowdsourcing. Your SAP user community monitors account activity.
  • Unauthorized account activity can be reported through a single click.
  • No need for dedicated monitoring resources, each SAP user will become a sensor.
  • Plug-and-Play. Just install and rollout.
  • Seamlessly integrated with SecurityBridge and your SIEM platform.
Protection of SAP Identities

SecurityBridge Identity Protection transforms an SAP instance of choice into a verifier. The verifier evaluates all logons and interlinked meta-data to decide whether a new identity should be created. This entire process happens in real-time and seamlessly without any noticeable impact on the system performance. Whenever the identifier creates a new identity, the applicant receives a confirmation email.

SecurityBridge Identity Protection Process

If the true owner of the identity does not recognize the login activity, a potentially malicious logon can be reported. With identity theft, every minute counts. A security event should lead to immediate manual or automated actions. SecurityBridge supports automated account locking or session termination via a rule-based action framework.

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Identity protection advice

SAP Identity theft is when someone steals your account details and uses them to execute unauthorized transactions on your behalf. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today. Enterprises should educate their users on some basic rules to help protect their identities. A few basic examples include:

Safeguard your information

Do not reuse passwords. Using strong and unique passwords for each account is the easiest and most effective way to avoid becoming victim of identity theft. Mix upper and lowercase letters, use symbols, and create sufficiently long passwords for each of your accounts.

Log out when you are done

Never leave an unlocked terminal unattended. If you do not log yourself out, you may be automatically logged out by the SAP instance after a period of inactivity. Attackers only need seconds to perform an unauthorized action in your name.

Keep your computer protected

Keep your computer and mobile devices protected by virus scanners, anti-malware, etc. Use SecurityBridge Identity Protection feature to add an additional layer of security.

Always be vigilant

Report suspicious activity immediately. If you spot anything out of the ordinary - unauthorized account activity - report it right away. You are less likely to be seriously impacted by identity theft if you discover and report the incident shortly after the security breach.