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Interface Traffic Monitor for SAP

Take back governance of all SAP Interface Traffic
Instantly gain a visual representation of all the data exchanges between SAP and non-SAP systems.

Effectively Manage SAP Interfaces

The dynamic graphic interface instantly shows all data streams and exchanges between systems, including information like initiated RFC calls, user-initiated communications, and frequency of destination calls.

SAP interface security is complex and needs to be controlled and maintained. Attackers know that and will often apply scripts to infiltrate the interface layer.

SecurityBridge gives you the power to take back governance. Rapdidly changing machine-to-machine communication is instantly and dynamically displayed.

Instantly Accessible

The Interface Traffic Monitor is out-of-the-box ready to use. The module automatically generates a connectivity map showing all data streams based on the communication between SAP systems and non-SAP systems across the entire landscapes. The data can be analyzed in detail and documented for compliance purposes.

Governance and Control

With a 360° dynamic view of all commuication endpoints, security-critical traffic and vulnerable interfaces become instantly visible. Malicious data transfers or external data accesses are immediatly identified even in large landscapes with thousands of interfaces.

The RFC interface is often used for integration scenarios with non-SAP environments for communicating with the SAP system supporting in and outbound data transfers. SAP customers using SAP Unified Connectivity Framework (UCON) can add the power of the Interface Traffic Monitor for maximizing their RFC security posture.

Security Focused

The Interface Traffic Monitor allows you to effectively focus on security. See who’s looking at passwords, who’s downloading data and where the data is sent, a crucial information for Data Loss Prevention. Identify data access outside of business hours and malicious lateral movement accross various SAP systems. All information is just one click away.

Instant. Integrated. Intuitive

The defense you need to apply governance across all your SAP and non-SAP interface communication.

Solution Brief:

Interface Traffic Monitor

Are you looking for a condensed document explaining all the information about SecurityBridge’s Interface Traffic Monitor solution?

The solution brief combines all the relevant information you need to know about the built-in Interface Traffic Monitor solution of SecurityBridge for SAP.