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Patch Management for SAP



Patch SAP Systems to eliminate known vulnerabilities

The Patch Management solution built into the SecurityBridge Platform shows all relevant security patches existing for any SAP instance.

Applying security patches for SAP applications is one of the most effective measures to protect the technology stack against cybercrime. Cyberattackers will regularly look to take advantage of SAP systems that haven’t received the latest security updates by deploying malware with exploits that target those particular flaws.

Statistics show typical SAP customers need more than 100 days on average to install very critical (CVSS > 9) security corrections into their production system(s). Patching software flaws is often a time-consuming and tedious job, but organizations need to have a clear strategy in place.

Attackers gain an advantage when transparent security monitoring and precise patching are not in place. SecurityBridge Patch Management helps to regain control over the so far 4.000 released SAP Security Notes.

Using the SecurityBridge Platform provides a productivity boost to your security patching measures. An intuitive user interface delivers all the information you need to evaluate the patching status of a system. Individual SAP Notes are being enriched by additional meta-data that is essential to understanding the underlying risk and potential side-effects. 

Instantly available

Patch Management is an integral part of the SecurityBridge Platform for SAP©. No additional installation and configuration efforts are required. Installation of Security Patches is obligatory to maintain the security posture of enterprise-critical SAP systems. 

Focused on SAP Security Notes

SecurityBridge SAP Patch Management knows all the security patches that have ever been released by the manufacturer. It provides actionable insight that allows you to prioritize your security tasks and activities. Any SAP Security Note is enhanced with additional information about potential workarounds and risk description to further the understanding of the security impact and risk. 

Available patches will be taken from the Cloud Backbone into the SecurityBridge Controller. This central component can exist on-premise or in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) architecture such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Whenever new patches are available the solution starts to evaluate the connected SAP systems to determine whether the patches apply to the installed base.

With the results provided by SAP Patch Management, you can start the implementation process to eliminate the publicly known vulnerabilities before threat actors can exploit them.

Intuitive User Interface

SecurityBridge Patch Management combines all relevant insights and additional tools that are needed to effectively maintain the security patch status of even the most complex environments. At a high level managers can access the overall status of their systems, and to work with the detailed level experts can drill down into the specifics to find all the information they need.

We have combined SAP Patch Management with other modules of the Platform. For example, missing patches are reported to the Security & Compliance Management creating a holistic risk-view for the compliance team. Incidents can be created directly from the user interface to document and assign the task of implementation to the responsible owner. 

Use SecurityBridge Patch Management to never miss an important patch that is applicable for your SAP products.

Security coverage

Even though SAP releases Security Patches every second Tuesday of a month, customers are having a hard time remaining up-to-date. The SecurityBridge Patch Management solution automatically assesses whether a correction is relevant for SAP S4/HANA, NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and JAVA. Available security patches for the SAP HANA and Oracle Database will also be reported.

SAP offers more than 50 product lines and hundreds of components to enhance the products. 

SecurityBridge Patch Management knows exactly which security corrections are available for your specific systems and highlights them for you. This will save you the substantial manual effort in evaluating each product used including its installed components and versions. 

The SAP application runs on various data management systems. Many customers now use the SAP HANA database, but Oracle still has many users as well.
SecurityBridge Patch Management has you covered for any SAP-owned database, but also informs you about new Oracle vulnerabilities that can be eliminated by installing a patch.

Solution Brief - SAP Patch Management

In a nutshell

Looking for a condensed document explaining all the information about SecurityBridge’s Patch Management solution? We’ve got you covered. The Solution Brief combines all the relevant information you need to know about the built-in Patch Management solution of SecurityBridge for SAP.

SAP Security Patch Day

We got you covered

SAP releases security patches for the products at every second Tuesday of a month. Don’t miss out on the latest publications. SecurityBridge Patch Management enables you to be up-to-date.

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