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Privileged Access Management for SAP (PAM)


Privileged Access Management
for SAP (PAM)

Efficient management of elevated privileges for SAP users.

Instantly available

Simplified Provisioning

Full audit Trial

Maximum Transparency

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the new module of the SecurityBridge Platform that enables quick and secure mitigation processes during SAP emergency cases. SAP customers will also be able to prevent the misuse of superuser profiles by insider threats or other sophisticated cyber-attacks.  

Technical Demo of PAM

Grant privileged access during SAP Security emergencies with PAM

SAP operations teams need to be able to respond quickly to critical issues, especially in complex SAP landscapes. This often requires superuser or elevated privileges, which must not be used permanently based on Identity and Access Management (IAM) best practices. However, if requested, these privileges need to be provided quickly but securely, with detailed monitoring data automatically included in the end-to-end SAP audit trail.

Simplified Provisioning, Instantly Available

Privileged Access Management is immediately available and active after a simple installation.

Levering the Self-Service App, SAP administrators can request and start their privileged access session right away. There is no need to use permanently assigned SAP superuser privileges, like SAP_ALL, anymore. Administrators can keep working with their named user, without having to impersonate an SAP FireFighter account.

Full Audit Trail, Maximum Transparency

As the SecurityBridge Platform automatically activates the built-in HyperLogging function after assigning the elevated privileges to the requesting user, all activities are recorded as part of the user’s audit trail. There are no restrictions regarding the number of parallel active users, and individuals can be tracked before, during, and after privileged access sessions—simplifying any investigation or forensic process and providing a complete audit trail during security-critical activities. At the end of the session or after a predefined expiration period, the Privileged Access Management module automatically decommissions the elevated privileges from the account of the requesting user and restores the normal security logging level for that user 

All in one SecurityBridge Platform. Seamlessly integrated with your SIEM

PAM is seamlessly integrated with the SecurityBridge Platform and functions in synergy with other Platform modules: the Identity Protection module, the HyperLogging function, and the Threat Detection module.

The Identity Protection Self-Service App enables the immediate kickstart of the privileged access session. For the detailed user audit trail during the superuser session, PAM automatically triggers the SecurityBridge HyperLogging capability. This ensures that all user activities are accessible in one coherent Event Monitoring view within the Threat Detection module.

Therefore, any critical event during the PAM session will be alerted and if necessary, forwarded to your SIEM solution that can be easily integrated with the SecurityBridge Platform.

Easily provide superuser or elevated user privileges to promptly mitigate critical issues with our Privileged Access Management solution.

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