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SAP Attack Detection

Next generation of SAP Security
Organizations are looking for easy to maintain, integrated, and scalable system architectures that provide a high level of protection against internal and external threats. Combining perimeter security and critical application security is a natural evolution and defines the next-generation of SAP application security.

Gain Transparency and Protect your Assets

Fortinet and SecurityBridge have combined forces to deliver the next generation of application security with a unified solution that integrates network security with SAP application security and is available on-prem, in the cloud, and hybrid environments. It is easy to maintain, and scalable, and provides end-to-end protection to enterprises SAP systems, from the perimeter of the network to the application layer.

A bidirectional integration between FortiGate and the SecurityBridge’s SAP application security platform enables an advanced and unprecedented level of security insight, risk rating, and security automation. Combining Fortinet and SecurityBridge results in an integrated solution, providing a 360-degree view of malicious network and SAP attack detection.

What is SAP Attack Detection?

Traditional SAP Attack Detection make use of attack detection patterns that are focused on revealing suspicious activities within your SAP application. SecurityBridge Threat Detection ships with patterns that where created by our experts to uncover a variety of anomalous events. While setting focus on SAP application security, network security can not be neglected. FortiGate adds the mission piece to complete the puzzle and delivers validated industry-leading IPS technology.

How does SAP Attack Detection work?

Save time elapsed before reaction using the smart Attack Detection for SAP



Security analysts identifying network attacks can now assess the impact against enterprise critical SAP applications. Network events generated by the FortiGate intrusion prevention system are available via an SecurityBridge Workcenter block called “Network Intrusion Events”.

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A security analyst recognizes the malicious activity. Only one click away, via drill-down the analyst can accesses the details of the network event. Further information and the attack type, and potential risks are available with in the FortiGuard Labs Encyclopedia.

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Provided by SecurityBridge the analyst has access to powerful SAP investigation functions. A timeline showing all security events across the entire SAP technology stack that may relate to the network attack.

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Solution Brief:

FortiGate & SecurityBridge Platform for SAP

Solution Brief:

NextGen Application Security for Life Sciences