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Security Dashboard for SAP

Full SAP Security power at a glance

Gain real-time, detailed visibility into your organization’s SAP security posture

Next-Generation Security Dashboard for SAP

Providing an At-A-Glance View of the Entire SAP Security

SAP teams need to be always on top of the current security status of their SAP environment. With the new Security Dashboard for SAP we provide the most comprehensive set of SAP security functions at a glance, including threat monitoring, compliance ratings, patching status, code security, interface traffic and many more.

This unique blend of comprehensive coverage, real-time functionality, and user customization sets this next-generation Security Dashboard for SAP apart in the market.

Key features

  • image

    Drag & drop predefined widgets to easily customize security intelligence views from SecurityBridge Platform data.

  • image

    Drill-down functions that enable a deep-dive analysis into the corresponding SecurityBridge Platform modules.

  • image

    Flexible filters to narrow down data for advanced personalization and focus on specific SAP landscapes or systems

  • image

    Real-time views highlighting monitoring events, compliance issues, patching status, code vulnerabilities and many more.

Management Dashboards for SAP

Real-Time, Customizable Views and Analysis Solutions For SAP Security

Management Dashboards are a powerful feature set within the SecurityBridge Platform providing the technical foundation for our Security Dashboard for SAP.

With a library of predefined graphs and indicators, customers can easily create custom security dashboards tailored to their specific needs, from scratch or using out-of-the-box versions.

Thanks to this capability, monitoring various areas of an organization’s security and swiftly identifying potential issues has never been easier.

Key features

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    Analyze live monitoring, static configuration validation, patching, interface traffic statistics, and code security information in one place.

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    Share dashboards with your team members, allowing them to choose the insights that best meet their needs.

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    Gain various security perspectives with individual dashboards using drag & drop and powerful filters

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    Empower your organization with real-time dashboards eliminating the challenge with outdated manual reporting.

A comprehensive library of views on SAP security dimensions

  • image SAP landscape and system traffic maps
  • image Charts with insights into code vulnerabilities, monitoring events and patching status
  • image System health state and detailed security ratings
  • image Security incidents and compliance backlog

Harness the full power of SAP Security

Get instant, straightforward awareness of your organization’s security landscape.