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SecurityBridge Expands U.S. Partnerships With Taciti Consulting

Combined Efforts Streamline SAP S/4HANA Transformations and Secure SAP Ecosystem

New York, NY, April 30, 2024SecurityBridge, a leading global provider of SAP security solutions, today announced a new partnership with Taciti Consulting, a U.S.-based ERP transformation consulting firm. The collaboration aligns with both companies’ commitment to enhancing SAP security through real-time threat monitoring and detection vulnerability management. Taciti offers unbiased and informed advisory services to empower businesses to adapt and grow in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The company has worked with global brands to achieve ERP transformation goals, allowing them to stay ahead of competitors. This partnership underscores these principles by addressing complex SAP security challenges, especially as organizations integrate cloud-based solutions with existing on-premises applications. SecurityBridge and Taciti Consulting will collaboratively offer comprehensive SAP security solutions, enhancing risk management and protecting digital assets against emerging threats.

“The collaboration unites SecurityBridge’s robust SAP cybersecurity solutions with Taciti Consulting’s SAP S/4HANA-led transformation expertise,” said Rishi Handa, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Taciti Consulting. “This synergy creates a powerful combination to navigate the complex security landscape of SAP’s evolving cloud, AI, and mobile-based systems.”

The partnership is poised to offer stronger security measures and a unified approach to SAP application security. This unity is timely, considering every SAP installation must transition to S/4HANA by 2027. Thus, this partnership presents a significant opportunity for market expansion and brand awareness.

“SecurityBridge and Taciti Consulting are committed to a long-term strategic partnership with plans for further collaboration and expansion,”  said Christoph Nagy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityBridge. “The alliance is a step toward growth and a shared vision of leading the SAP security domain and empowering businesses to thrive through automated cybersecurity scrutiny and vulnerability gap-sealing initiatives.”

About Taciti Consulting
Taciti Consulting is a premier consulting firm specializing in impartial advisory services to assist
clients in navigating SAP-led digital transformations. We offer dedicated SAP security services,
where we excel in helping clients meticulously assess their application landscapes and identify
potential security risks. Leveraging our well-defined, industry-leading frameworks and best
practices, we are committed to guiding our clients through the intricate process of enhancing
their security measures. Our expertise extends to adopting and implementing robust solutions
to fortify security postures, prominently featuring leading solutions like SecurityBridge. For
more information, please visit

About SecurityBridge, Inc.:
SecurityBridge is an SAP security platform provider developing tools to extend the SAP ecosystem. Unlike traditional security solutions, the company believes SAP applications and custom code will always be compromised despite diligent security and hygiene efforts. In response to this belief, SecurityBridge created its integrated real-time solution for constant monitoring. Powered by anomaly detection, the SecurityBridge platform can differentiate between accurate results and false positives so that security teams can better focus on real issues. For more information, please visit

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