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Threat Detection for SAP

Seamlessly identify and report SAP system vulnerabilities in real-time
The most advance and easy to use threat detection technology for SAP.

Detect & Report Exploits 24/7 in Real-time

Event timeline feature that simplifies investigations. Report SAP security threats as an incident, via Drag and Drop.

Filter and whitelist SAP real-time threats. Keep the SAP threat monitoring updated using standard configuration catalog for 100+ listeners, covering hundreds of identification patterns and signatures

Rule-based SAP security threat monitoring response framework Detects also real-time SAP Code Vulnerability threats

SAP® Certified

Integration with SAP Applications

Instant SIEM connectivity. Seamlessly connect SAP with splunk, ArcSight, LogRhythm, IBM QRadar, and Azure Sentinel
SAP Fiori® Apps for Monitoring and Investigation

What is SAP Threat Detection?

In this short video you will get an overview of the SAP threat detection features of SecurityBridge Threat Detection for SAP. The SAP cybersecurity solution analyzes SAP logs in real time and reports anomalies in user or system behavior.

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Why SecurityBridge?


Install & Run


SecurityBridge resides within the ABAP stack, no additional hardware required. It comes preconfigured with hundreds of SAP-specific attack and vulnerability detection patterns. Once unboxed, SecurityBridge is easily activated and put into production, without lengthy implementation phase.


Smart Data


SecurityBridge not only evaluates the SAP Security Audit Log, it continuously scans and correlates all log sources which may impact the security posture of your system. Machine intelligence is applied to alert on critical events and discard the false positives.


Frequently Updated


SecurityBridge is updated continuously based on internal research and latest SAP security publications. SecurityBridge customers are always able to use the latest features and run the most recent SAP threat detection signatures.

Simple & Effective Architecture

SecurityBridge works with a centralized architecture, using a SecurityBridge Controller (SBC) that connects to the SecurityBridge Agents (SBA).

How does it work?

  • Once the SecurityBridge controller starts the SAP Threat Detection on one, or all agents, the SAP Threat Monitor receives continuous information. It analyzes the available SAP log sources for application-specific threats, attack patterns, and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • SAP threat alerts are created by the threat monitoring correlation engine, which also considers user behaviors. You can eliminate false positives using filter settings, configured using the SAP Fiori user interface, and distributed to the agents with a single click.
  • The product can be installed on any SAP® NetWeaver ABAP Stack-based system and is shipped within its own namespace. SB also supports SAP S4/HANA, SAP HANA and runs on-premise or within cloud environments i.e. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud,  Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure for SAP or Google Cloud.

No additional hardware is needed with SecurityBridge monitoring. The SAP Threat Detection operates seamlessly, 24/7. It is frictionless with no interference or performance impact on your systems.

Solution Brief:

SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Are you looking for a condensed document providing all the information about SecurityBridge’s SAP Security Monitoring and Threat Detection?

The solution brief combines all the relevant information you need to know about the threat detection capabilities of SecurityBridge for SAP.