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Case Study – SecurityBridge – Pharmaceutical

Case Study


Strict compliance regulations dictate that external and internal cybersecurity is deployed to protect valuable SAP application data.


Faced with resource restrictions and overwhelming amounts of data, the Company needed a solution that could be implemented with little internal resources and within a tight schedule. 

The Company had previously worked with a platform that produced false positive data that wasted time and resources to address. The Company needed to monitor suspicious external and internal behavior with over 60,000 employees insider threats were a real issue. Although the company is aware of the importance of data security and vulnerability management for all of its systems, it knows that patching SAP against “known” threats will not give them complete protection, nor will it protect against the  vulnerabilities in custom code that SAP cannot secure. 

These security complexities are now eliminated with SecurityBridge capabilities Without a reliable real-time cyber-security solution in place, the Company had to rely entirely on retroactive risk assessments to eliminate vulnerabilities and verify security. 

“The task of ensuring that data in an SAP environment is secure, regulated and compliant a serious concern,” explained the CISO. “We needed a solution that would provide proactive real-time accurate information of actual threats, known or unknown”.



A less than 1-month implementation of SecurityBridge so that the Company now has continuous 24/7 real-time threat detection. The Company is now able to see actual attacks as they arise, and manage those threats in a timely manner. Monitoring across the entire SAP Landscape provides continuous monitoring and detection of real threats not false positives.


According to the Company CISO, “For SAP cybersecurity this is by far the most advanced solution. SecurityBridge is the trusted solution for protecting over 70 SAP systems including our SAP GRC system and Solution Manager. SecurityBridge is integrated with Splunk and allows our Global SOC team to view threats in real-time, and address SAP security challenges within compliance”.


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