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SAP Security Automation

SAP Security Automation uses tools and processes to manage SAP systems and their security efficiently. Without automation tactics, the complexity of these systems makes manual security management a time-consuming and - task.  Automated platforms, such as SecurityBridge, allow your team to stay on top of things while they focus on what matters most. 

Automating SAP security management requires involving all aspects of your security ecosystem. Here are some steps you can take to achieve SAP Security Automation:  

  1. Security Assessments – Before you start, you need to understand the current state of your SAP systems. By creating a security assessment, you are ensuring all aspects of your systems will be protected.
  2. Find an SAP security platform – Select an automation platform that will suit your organization’s budget and requirements. Look for third-party solutions, like the SecurityBridge Platform, that cover as many aspects of SAP security as possible.  
  3. Create a security automation roadmap – Create an outline of the objectives, budgets, and timelines for your automation milestones.
  4. Run a pilot on a test environment – Implement your security automation roadmap in a test environment before committing to deployment. 
  5. Implement the roadmap – Once you have tested it and ensured it is aligned with your goals, you can implement the automation across the landscape and continuously monitor and optimize it. 
  6. Assess risks continuously – Continuously assess risks and update your roadmap to keep up with the ever-changing threats. 

Securing SAP systems has all aspects of cybersecurity and compliance in scope, from user access permissions all the way down to mitigating vulnerabilities and security threats. Due to the complexity of some of these tasks, automation will improve the efficiency of your SAP security. By doing so, you ensure risk reduction and enhance compliance. The SecurityBridge platform can help you automate your SAP security by:  

  1. Automating your security monitoring for detecting critical SAP events and anomalies which allow efficient SIEM integrations. 
  2. Automating your compliance processes like access management and SoD risk analysis. 
  3. Automating your vulnerability management to scan automatically for vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of cyberattacks on your system. 
  4. Automating your threat detection by using machine learning and AI-based algorithms to detect suspicious behavior and threats within your SAP systems. 
  5. And much more! 
What are the benefits of SAP security automation?

Automating SAP security reduces the risk of security breaches and data loss. In addition, it improves efficiency and simplifies compliance.  

What are the usual challenges of SAP security automation?

Implementing SAP security automation might be challenging due to compatibility issues and lack of expertise which might impact your efficiency gain.  

What are the risks of not implementing SAP security automation?

By not automating SAP security your systems are highly exposed to potential data breaches and you’ll have difficulties meeting compliance requirements. Overall, you are increasing the manual effort and time to keep your systems secure.  

How to choose the right SAP security automation platform?

To choose the right platform for SAP security automation, look for the solution that is most compatible with your SAP system and that will provide the results you want from the processes you have already identified. In order to reduce compatibility issues and risks, an integrated solution that requires no hardware, like the SecurityBridge platform, would allow you a straightforward approach.  

The SAP SIEM integration is part of cyber defense and cyber threat detection. It collects data from various applications, client and/or server OS, information from malware defense, suspicious port-scans, and should contain event-data from business-critical systems.

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