Sanofi replaces its enterprise SAP Security with the SecurityBridge platform

Sanofi decides for SecurityBridge

Sanofi, a global biopharmaceutical company focused on human health, selected the SecurityBridge platform to cover the growing need for SAP Security. This is what the Head of SAP Cybersecurity at Sanofi, Stéphane Peteytas, has to say about their experience of implementing SAP security several years ago and then recently transitioning to the SecurityBridge Platform. Such a significant change involves multi-dimensional implications across the SAP and the Security team so it’s something to be undertaken with great consideration.

In 2020 Stéphane aligned Sanofi’s changing needs regarding SAP cybersecurity to determine a new technology direction for the company’s substantial enterprise landscapes. 

We are heavily invested in SAP and have for many years looked for technology to assist us in securing our business-critical applications. In 2020 we re-evaluated our processes and requirements for SAP security leading to a review of our current vendor but also several SAP security solutions on the market.

SAP security
is becoming increasingly important

In the highly demanding SAP security environment, we identified core areas for improvement. We needed to ensure that our systems were being monitored in real-time, and with advanced technology providing transparency to enable us to detect sophisticated attack vectors. We also needed to reduce the amount of effort involved in creating custom dashboards which was involving far too much manual intervention. An additional requirement was to reduce the time and effort spent deploying and maintaining our SAP security software, which was taking up considerable resources.

We needed to focus on


We had an opportunity to review the security market for a holistic solution that would be able to meet our evolving needs and be more aligned with what we envisioned for our future requirements. After a thorough comparative review, and rigorous testing of several tools we selected SecurityBridge as the platform most comprehensive in functionality that is completely and seamlessly integrated within the SAP technology stack. SecurityBridge’s agile and holistic approach enable us to transition very quickly and smoothly”.

SecurityBridge will enable Sanofi to achieve ERP cybersecurity and a compliance strategy that is designed for future growth and considerable expansion in a challenging and complex environment.



One integrated Platform to allow a 360° insight on threats and vulnerabilities.


Headquartered in Germany, and founded in 2012, ABEX is at the forefront of developing and delivering the most sophisticated security platform for SAP cybersecurity. The company has offices worldwide, with clients in the Fortune 100, trusting SecurityBridge to secure their most business-critical applications. The SecurityBridge Platform powered by advanced technology provides the world’s first and only comprehensive security solution, built-in SAP for SAP with seamless integration.

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