Release Highlights: 4.71

Stability and new features

In the last major release 4.7, SecurityBridge introduced the Security & Compliance Manager. 4.71 contain first enhancement inspired by our early adopter community and many more features.

Cybersecurity for SAP©

Our SecurityBridge platform is a holistic cybersecurity suite for Netweaver, fully integrated with SAP. Based on the NIST Framework, SecurityBridge enables SAP customers to Identify, Detect and Respond to cyber threats. Don’t wait until your company becomes the victim of a cyber attack, protect yourself now.

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Minor-Release v4.71

The following new features were released on Friday 27th March 2020. This version is the first minor release after the recent 4.7 major release that contained the Security & Compliance Monitor.

  • The SecurityBridge Event Monitor offers a new split screen mode, allowing analysts to browse through event details without having to leave the monitoring screen.

  • DB storage size requirements on the controlling system have been reduced by 30%.

  • The Security & Compliance Monitor shows the parameter configuration by SAP instance, and it now also shows the origin of the currently active value. So, when a parameter is changed dynamically (during runtime) it is now immediately visible.

  • All SecurityBridge Fiori Apps now preload SAP UI5 Libraries. This significantly improves startup performance.

  • The Work center of the Security & Compliance Monitor has been enhanced with Micro charts, showing the number of checks by status.

Event Monitor

As a landscape grows, so do the number of events. This requires an efficient monitoring solution. We have therefore made the handling even easier and implemented a split-screen mode. When clicking on a single event, the right pane displays all the details of that event.

Split Screen Feature SecurityBridge Event Monitor

Security & Compliance

Work Center enhancement

The SBC Work Center shows micro graphs, which display the number of executed checks, color coded by their results.

SecurityBridge Workcenter for Cybersecurity

Origin of Parameter value

In the spirit of the motto: “More transparency creates more efficiency”, all Fiori views that show a current parameter value have been enhanced to also show the origin of that value. You now see instantly whether a value originates from the kernel default, the instance profile or whether it was set dynamically.

SCM Security and Compliance Monitoring for SAP

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Christoph Nagy

My name is Christoph Nagy. I am the founder and managing director of SecurityBridge - NCMI GmbH. We develop strategic security solutions for our customers, enabling them to perform automated analysis of security settings and to detect and prevent cyber-attacks against SAP© in real-time.