Security by Design

Designed for Security


Available anytime, anywhere.

SAP security information directly available, in your pocket.

Powerful investigation functions are optimized for desktop usage, but critical security alerts must be accessible wherever you go, at any time of the day.

Works on desktop and mobile devices.

Utilize the power of SAP Fiori®

The SecurityBridge Event Monitor (SBM) changes its face depending on the device in use. All features have been optimized for mobile and desktop usage. The ABEX development team makes use of SAPUI5 to deliver an SAP Fiori®-like user experience, shipping a modern and intuitive UI.

Never miss an important security alert!

Designed for Experts

Various studies have shown that unauthorized data extraction can cost enterprises a fortune. Since GDPR became effective on 25th May 2018, painfully high penalties have been introduced. At a fraction of that cost, you can now protect your organization from being blind to data loss.

Work Center

Simplify complex topics using the Work Center view. It provides an instant overview of security information across your entire landscape

Structured & Simple

Security incidents are visualised on a Kanban board. All details are just one click away.

Drag & Drop

Convert security alerts into security incidents by drag and dropping alerts into an incident basket.