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Case Study
Sport & Apparel


Strict compliance regulations dictate that external and internal cybersecurity is deployed to protect valuable SAP application data.


As part of its information security strategy, this leading sports apparel manufacturer continuously performs security assessments and compliance tests of its IT assets. As a Senior Information Security Expert at the Company, the CISO was aware that the organization’s numerous SAP systems, which contain the organization’s most sensitive data, were not protected from cybersecurity threats, particularly from within the substantial ABAP code.

With the current number of Security Notes issued by SAP reaching 40 to 50 Notes per month, mostly alerting about technical vulnerabilities, the CISO recognized that “we needed to cover real threats – in real time to show actual not just possible SAP vulnerabilities at all layers.

This includes ABAP code, SAP Web applications, unsafe configurations and more.” However, from past experience the CISO knew that implementing SAP security was a very time-consuming manual task that required a high level of expertise. “Few people had relevant experience in SAP security. We have many large SAP implementations used for business-critical processes, deployed across the entire company. Thanks to SecurityBridge, we were able to implement in just a few days. It was truly remarkable how quickly the software was deployed across the enterprise. We are now able to detect actual SAP threats with no false positives, with data intelligence that is delivered with intuitive executive level dashboards. We now know exactly what the “unknowns” are and can remediate before any harm is done, every single time. This was an area that used to be a blind spot before. Now we have 20/20 “ said the CISO.



A 1-month implementation of SecurityBridge so that the Company now has continuous 24/7 real-time threat detection. The Company is now able to see actual attacks as they arise, and manage those threats in a timely manner. Monitoring across the entire SAP Landscape provides continuous monitoring and detection of real threats not false positives.


SecurityBridge enabled Information Security professionals at the Company to completely ensure that all real threats were identified, and it mitigated SAP vulnerabilities that had previously been impossible to uncover because of the
large volumes of custom code. SecurityBridge ensures that its business-critical SAP platform, which had previously been considered a “black-box”, is now protected against all SAP vulnerabilities. “We selected SecurityBridge because it represents next-generation technology that reduces the workload for our SOC team, eliminates false positives so we only focus on the real threats, and is practically self-maintaining so our cost of ownership is minimal”.


Our holistic approach improves your SAP security posture
– Real-Time Threat Detection
– Code Vulnerability Analysis
– Data Loss Prevention
– SIEM Integration
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