Cybersecurity and application security is a trend-driven field. While attackers continue to improve their attack techniques, defenders need to pay attention to these new trends. Follow our trending tags for information on specific topics.

SAP Security Patch Day – September 2022

September 13rd 2022, another SAP Security Patch Day in the calendar of SAP customers. It may be coincidence but today is also the Day of the Programmer.

SAP Security Patch Day – August 2022

August 9, 2022, is the time for the SAP Security Patch Day, this time in parallel to the black 2022 cyber security conference, the SAP Response team has released 7 patches this Tuesday.

SAP Security Patch Day – July 2022

Tuesday 12th July 2022 is another SAP Security Patch Day. Particularly interesting for SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal (EP) and SAP BusinessObjects customers.

SAP Security Patch Day – June 2022

SAP clients should monitor the release of SAP security updates, which have been published on 14th June 2022. This month’s release counts 12 security patches. This includes two notes that have been updated.

SAP Security Patch Day – May 2022

SAP customers need to pay attention to the release of the SAP security updates, which have been published on 10th May 2022. This months SAP Security Patch Day contains 13(+2) patches that should be carefully reviewed.

SAP Security Patch Day – April 2022

Today, 12th of April 2022, SAP Security Patch Day revealed 22 new Security Notes for the SAP product portfolio. Including Spring4Shell correction and Log4j update.

SAP Security Patch Day – March 2022

Today, March 8, 2022, SAP has again released security updates to the comprehensive SAP product portfolio. The release counts 16 security patches released by SAP. This includes the notes that have been updated.

SAP Security Patch Day – February 2022

It seems like a bizarre coincidence that today, February 8th, is not only the second SAP Security Patch Day of the year but it's also Safe Internet Day! SAP security surely contributes!

How to secure SAP ICM?

Once the SAP Internet Communication Manager (ICM) was activated in transaction SMICM, the SAP NetWeaver Application Server provides a web server that serves as the foundation for web-based SAP technologies like Fiori, WebDynpro, or Business Server Pages (BSP). Read the article to learn how to secure the SAP ICM.

Understand and reduce the Attack Surface

Knowing the attack surface in today’s world is very important to reduce the risk of exploitation of the so-called unknown unknown. Organizations need to assume that any application, also the enterprise-critical solutions from SAP, contains a severe vulnerability that can’t be patched since no patch is available. Waiting for the moment the vulnerability gets published and patched by the software vendor, may not be a safe bet, ...

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