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Vishnu Vardhan I

team discussing SAP btp

SAP BTP Security: A Top Priority for 2024

Organizations should proactively acknowledge the presence of zero-day vulnerabilities and anticipate their exploitation. Choosing a proactive approach, rather than merely reacting to situations, helps prevent chaotic responses to critical security incidents and promotes organized handling of such events. Organizations need to target a long-lasting and sustainable security posture that is resilient against currently unknown vulnerabilities.

Audit Logs in SAP

SAP Audit logs are records of all activities and changes occurring within the SAP system. These logs are crucial for security, compliance, and troubleshooting, as they provide a detailed history of user actions, system events, and data modifications, and help organizations monitor and maintain the integrity and security of their SAP environment.

SAP interfaces

5 Tips to ensure SAP Interfaces are secure

In this blog article, we will explore the importance of SAP interface security and discuss the various measures businesses can take to protect their systems and data. We will also examine some common threats to SAP interfaces and how to mitigate them. To safeguard your business, you need to understand the importance of SAP interface security and take steps to make your interfaces secure.