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Ivan Mans

SAP Security Services

Game changer: Managed SAP Security Services

Many companies have recognized the need for SAP cybersecurity, but many have also realized that they cannot accomplish this alone. There are many reasons for this. It can be due to the internal teams’ workload or due to the employee’s level of knowledge.

However, there is a solution that neither burdens your internal staff nor demands additional knowledge. A specialized managed SAP Security Service allows you to harden mission-critical systems, detect and promptly counteract non-compliance, and implement monitoring with accurate anomaly detection.

SAP Cybersecurity Risks

External vs. Internal SAP Cybersecurity Risks: The differences

  • Ivan Mans 

Recently, we gave an insight into the known SAP attackers in our blog. Of course, it can already be deduced from this that there are internal and external SAP attackers. That is why today, we want to look at this from an SAP cybersecurity risk perspective.

SAP BTP security considerations

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) Security Considerations

Certainly, inspired by the many conversations we had at this year’s DSAG Annual Congress 2022, it is time to give some insights into the SAP Business Technology Platform. As a software vendor with a core focus on SAP security, it is our job to look at the security concerns of new SAP technology. Our approach is to understand our customers’ concerns and integrate effective and efficient solutions into our cybersecurity solution for SAP. The SAP Business Technology Platform is the talk of the town and seems to be SAP’s new winning concept.

SAP Attackers

Who are the typical SAP attackers?

  • Ivan Mans 

We are asked many times and have already addressed this in our open webinars (link to event recordings overview), which SAP attackers exist? With this blog, we would like to share some insight and answer this question.

SAP Debugger

SAP Debugger, powerful yet dangerous! 

The SAP Debugger, also known as the ABAP Debugger, is one of the most important development tools offered by SAP. An ABAP developer or a technical SAP consultant uses it to analyze problems or to simulate program flows. Usually, the debugger is simply used to understand a certain behavior in SAP ERP and to identify or understand customizing options.

Microsoft Azure for SAP

3 reasons why Microsoft Azure is attractive for SAP customers

Azure is a hyper-scaler like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud. These big three have recognized the opportunity to offer computing power for the computer-intensive business applications of SAP. SAP virtualization is now easier in the cloud than in your own data center.

SAP Threat Intelligence

What is SAP Threat Intelligence? 

Threat Intelligence is as follows: Threat intelligence is evidence-based information about cyber-attacks organized and analyzed by cyber security experts. This is also valid for SAP but must be specifically refined.

SAP Supply Chain Attack

What is a Supply chain attack vulnerability using the SAP Transport Management System? SAP transport content can be adjusted after being exported and passing through test deployment and QA processes. Learn why it is crucial to protect your SAP digital backbone.