Christoph Nagy

My name is Christoph Nagy. I am founder and managing director of ABEX - NCMI GmbH. We develop strategic security solutions for our customers, enabling them to perform automated analysis of security settings and to detect and prevent cyber-attacks against SAP© in real-time.

Whitepaper - Top SAP security mistake to avoid

Whitepaper – Top mistakes to avoid in SAP security

Within this whitepaper you will learn about the key mistakes that can be avoided when it comes to SAP Security. History has shown that many companies have suffered from cyber incidents, moreover, not all incidents are reported or have been made available to the public.

SAP RFC Security Monitor

Get a grip on SAP Interface Security

Latest addition to the SecurityBridge suite is a fully integrated interface monitor, which visualizes RFC interface connectivity across your SAP landscape. Through a bird’s eye view security critical traffic and vulnerable interfaces can easily be spotted.

SAP Patchday

SAP Patchday – June 2020

On the 9th of June 2020 the SAP Product Security Response Team released 18 patches out of which 1 contains an update from a previous release. Every second Tuesday of the month the team publishes corrections and recommendations, which fix known vulnerabilities discovered within SAP products.

Hunting those hiding in the shadows

Over and over again we see attackers who have gained unauthorized access to a system by spending a significant amount of time spying out relevant SAP data, unnoticed by the victim organization. In a recent incident, we identified a large number of information gathering and data collection activities carried out by a threat actor prior to the exfiltration of sensitive data – which, if leaked, would inevitably lead to reputation and/or financial loss for the organization.

SAP Patchday

SAP Patchday – May 2020

SAP Identity Theft is when someone steals your account details and then uses them to execute unauthorized transactions on your behalf. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world today. Enterprises should educate their users with some basic rules to help protect their identities.

Minor release, major step!

On 25th of May 2020, ABEX has published a new minor version of SecurityBridge for SAP. This post summarizes the highlights of the recent release.

Stability and new features

In the last major release 4.7, SecurityBridge introduced the Security & Compliance Manager. 4.71 contain first enhancement inspired by our early adopter community and many more features.

Staying ahead of attackers

Being reactive is simply not enough. If threat actors didn’t innovate, security providers wouldn’t need to either. It’s their ability to imagine new ways to hurt us, and then execute them at speed, that has left us trying to guess the next move.