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Christoph Nagy

My name is Christoph Nagy. I am the founder and managing director of SecurityBridge - NCMI GmbH. We develop strategic security solutions for our customers, enabling them to perform automated analysis of security settings and to detect and prevent cyber-attacks against SAP© in real-time.

PAM Platform

Integrating Privileged Access Management into the SecurityBridge SAP Platform

The inclusion of Privileged Access Management (PAM) in our platform marks a significant advancement for existing and future customers. Until now, our focus was primarily on monitoring and detection. With PAM, the platform extends its capabilities to grant, manage, and audit privileged access in SAP’s ABAP/4 based products. Looking ahead, we plan to expand this functionality to include JAVA-based SAP products too.

SAP strategy vulnerabilities

How do you prevent the SAP attack surface from outgrowing control?

Organizations should proactively acknowledge the presence of zero-day vulnerabilities and anticipate their exploitation. Choosing a proactive approach, rather than merely reacting to situations, helps prevent chaotic responses to critical security incidents and promotes organized handling of such events. Organizations need to target a long-lasting and sustainable security posture that is resilient against currently unknown vulnerabilities.

SAP security Patch day

SAP Security Patch Day – September 2023

Today, September 12th, 2023 brings the release of SAP Security Patches for the extensive enterprise application portfolio developed by the Walldorf giant. SAP released 13 new Security Notes and provided 5 updates to previously released Security Notes.

SAP security Patch day

SAP Security Patch Day – July 2023

Today is July 11th, the 192nd day of 2023, and it’s SAP Security Patch Day! SAP’s Response Team has released 17 security updates (containing 2 updates from previous releases), including two with Hot News Priority and several High Priority patches.

data in transfer

Safeguarding Data in Transit: Enhancing SAP Interface Security

Efficient business processes and supply chains rely on a digital backbone of highly integrated enterprise applications. Securing those applications is as important for business continuity as encrypting the exchanged data between those systems. Ensuring the safety of the data in transit is also a crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity of sensitive information.

SAP security Patch day

SAP Security Patch Day – June 2023

Today is June’s SAP Security Patch Day, an important date for SAP customers as they receive the latest security patches from SAP’s Security & Response teams. According to SAP, 8 new Security Notes have been released. Additionally, there have been 5 updates to previously released Security Notes

SAP security Patch day

SAP Security Patch Day – May 2023

Today is another SAP Security Patch Day. In May 2023, the SAP Response Team released 20 SAP Security Notes, including Evergreen 2622660 Security updates for the browser control Google Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client with HotNews priority. Besides two updated Notes, SAP Security Patch Day May 2023, contains 18 new security updates for the vast SAP Product portfolio while the majority relates to SAP Business Objects.