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Holger Huegel

AI Security Hardening

Prerequisites for an AI-driven SAP Security – Part 2: System Hardening

While Patch Management helps you implement code fixes for known vulnerabilities in the system code, your SAP system still has a huge number of parameters and settings that influence the behavior of the application. Quite a few of them are security-related and have a significant impact on your attack surface.

It is key for the security of your business-critical SAP systems that you harden them.

AI-driven SAP Security

Prerequisites for an AI-driven SAP Security – Part 1: Patching 

In our last article, we talked about the potential of AI to improve your SAP Security posture. An AI-driven Threat Detection approach can help identify sophisticated cyberattacks, especially those leveraging a chain of vulnerability exploits. However, while AI can point you to those issues and may automatically block certain activities or user endpoints, the SAP Security team remains responsible for responding to the attack.

software subscription model

5 Reasons to Choose the Software Subscription Model for Cybersecurity

Software subscription can be the best option for cybersecurity solutions and platforms, as it offers several benefits over the conventional model of purchasing software licenses. Here are five reasons why you should regard software subscription as your preferred model for cybersecurity solutions.

sap vulnerability cve - hacker

Understanding the CVE-2022-22536 Vulnerability for SAP 

Today we want to dive into one particular vulnerability which every SAP administrator needs to fix immediately by applying the appropriate patch. The CVE-2022-22536 is a critical vulnerability that has the potential to put your business-critical data at risk. In this article you learn how to mitigate it, and how SecurityBridge can help you to protect your systems from these vulnerabilities.